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Working from home has its perks. I get to do school runs, don't need to hire a childminder, and never miss school events. However, it makes doing 'fun' things difficult, as I'm permanently in work mode, I don't have the ability to shut up shop and forget about work until the next day. It's Rosina's first real summer holiday- moving from Reception to Year 1. We're both new to this. The upcoming 6 weeks have filled me with a little dread, how will I work and occupy my five year old? As lovely as it will be to have a full time assistant, I'm not sure how to get the work/play balance right. So, I've put together an Activity List, to make the quality time I set aside for Rosina just that- quality!

Below are links to some wonderful ideas as featured above, which we will be doing this holiday! Please feel free to use our list for yourself, I've left some spaces at the bottom for you to fill in your own ideas and plans. Please comment with any other cool ideas for summer holiday activities too, help this Mama out!
Fig3- Find sticks on your scavenger hunt and make glitter wands!
Fig4- Fun and funky rainbow paper
Fig7- Bug Hunt
Have a lovely summer holiday everyone- see you on the other side!
Cathy xx

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