Spotlight on Kids Design Life- An Interview with Sophie by Cathy Locke

Spotlight on Kids Design Life- An Interview with Sophie

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Spotlight on Kids Design Life- An Interview with Sophie

One of our favourite ways to communicate with our customers is via Instagram. It is also a treasure-trove of inspiration, and one of the best Instagrams for children's room inspo is Sophie's instagram feed @kidsdesignlife. In addition to her Instagram account, she also has a complementary blog (click to view it here). Her blog is full of beautiful photographs of wonderfully put together rooms, ranging from monochrome, to pastels, to rainbow brights. Her children are incredibly lucky to have such a creative Mama, and they even own their own little café!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sophie, which you can view below, along with some of our favourite photos from her fab blog. 

Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?
I started the blog as a complement to the Instagram account as I often feel a bit limited in the Instagram feed. I take so many photos that it's sometimes impossible to pick just one to go in the feed and it's also a good way to be able to share more inspiration than just from my own home. I try to keep my feed as "clean" as possible sharing only pics I've taken myself but I want to be able to share more than just this so the blog is a perfect complement.
Describe how you first got into Instagram? What drew you to it?
I downloaded the app a couple of months after Ebba was born and started a private account just sharing pics of what we did together and her development when I was on maternity leave. Most of our relatives live far from us so it was a way to keep them updated with her. But then I found all the kids inspiration accounts, all the shops and makers and was like WOW! It's like a whole new world to me. I didn't have any idea about how big the kids industry was and how much gorgeousness was out there until I found it on Instagram. I've always loved craft, sewing, baking and so on and felt really inspired looking at all those amazing feeds and when we found out I was pregnant with Carl I started Kids Design Life because I thought it would be fun and wanted something more do to when I was on maternity leave with him. We had a couple of projects back then, such as Ebba's café for example - so it all came along very natural. And then I was hooked! I never had any goals with the account, I do it just for fun.
Ebba's Café
Yellow ceiling and checkerboard floor- a few fun details! And WOW! Look at that chandelier! 
Seriously, who doesn't love wooden food?! Delicious!
How would you describe your interior style?
I'm not quite sure I have an interior style! I change my mind so often it drives my husband insane! I'm one of those who looks at a pic or a magazine and goes "Honey, shouldn't we paint the walls pink now - just look at this pic, it's gorgeous!" And turning page I'd say " Oh just look at this perfect grey wall, we MUST paint our bedroom like this and buy this new bed to go with it". I'm hopeless! But a thing I've learnt is to always have a neutral base. That way I can change details and get new looks easier. But in general I like it monochrome and simple. I love the bohemic feeds where people mix vintage with cool design stuff but I just can't have it myself. I'm currently having a crush on nude pink and I think our living room and kitchen will be updated with some pink very soon. Hmmm... not very sure my husband will like that!
Marvelous Monochrome in Carl's room.
A Rainbow Riot in Ebba's room.
How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently and raise a family?
Haha, I'm not managing at all! Family and work always comes first and in that order, but when I get some spare time I try to put some time on the blog as it's just like Instagram, a way for me to relax and just be in my own little bubble. I sometimes wish I had more time for the blog but everything else comes first, to be able to make a couple of post a week is just a bonus as I see it.
Who's feed inspires you on Instagram and why?
Oh, there are so many gorgeous feeds out there! I have a few that I check at least on a daily basis and that I really love. My number one is Chloeuberkid - there's no one like Chloe! She's just the best! Love her! She does not only  have the sweetest and coolest kiddos and the most gorgeous house, her ways to find new ways to style is just incredible. It's like whatever she posts is like a piece of art. Total Insta crush! Other feeds that I love are - @kirslivia, @nyearthur, @misstiptop, @haimbeiuss, @jsyamsek, @kindisch, @bymariapia.
Possibly our favourite hashtag- ebbasroom! Where do you find inspiration for her gorgeous room?
Just everywhere I'd say! But of course Instagram is a main source for inspiration. I like following my favourite brands and shops feeds in order to see what's coming and finding new treasures.
Pretty Pastels in Ebba's room.
What are your favourite independent brands (shops, makers, feeds) you've found through Instagram?
Tough question, I've found basically everything on Instagram as I had no clue about this world before I downloaded the app. So many gorgeous shops and makers but makers are easier to separate so I'll share some of my favourites:  @HugoLovesTiki, @miniwoo, @upwarsaw, @bramwelldesigns, @lovefrankiedotcom, @miannandco - I could just go on forever! When it comes to shops I like finding those smaller shops where one can find those special little keepsakes such as yours for example! 
A few images from kidsdesignlife's blog, featuring products bought from our shop
What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being an inspirational blogger and Instagrammer? 
I've never thought of myself as an inspirational blogger or instagrammer, I just do this as a hobby when I have the time as it's a place where I can rest my mind from all daily routines and the "real" life. 

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