Iwai HiHi Crawling Doll- reborn!

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Iwai HiHi Crawling Doll- reborn!

One of our favourite things about running a small business is helping out other new brands and shops. Early this year we discovered the shop Ava's Dreams. And we fell in love.

Unfortunately they had a few problems at the beginning, which we endeavoured to support them through. And now we couldn't be happier to announce that they have done what no one else could- they've brought these iconic 1970's dolls back to life! Originally created in the 1970's in Japan by Hideo Iwai, they were named 'Hihi' after the Japanese  for 'crawling'.

Natalie, the lovely owner of Ava's Dreams says of her amazing news- 'When I didn't have any luck locating these dolls I got myself an agent in Japan who got me in touch with the old Iwai company.They were still up and running but sadly had ceased all trading of their rubber dolls.After a lot of discussions the president Mr Hideo Iwai agreed for us to have the opportunity to remake his dolls.We are now thrilled to be in the process of remaking these adorable kawaii retro dolls in partnership with the original Iwai company.'

An exclusive for Ava's Dreams, these dolls look to be incredibly popular, and will no doubt be stocked in many shops shortly. In fact, we will be stocking them in September ourselves.


 My original Iwai Doll from the 1970's    

The new Iwai Doll prototype for Ava's Dreams


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