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At Five Little Diamonds, we love bright and bold colours and simple design. We also love bunnies. The one thing that combines all these things is the beloved children's character, Miffy!

Miffy fans will know the history of this iconic bunny, however people who are just discovering Miffy (you lucky people!) may not. There is a common misconception that she is Japanese, and hangs about with Hello Kitty. This is not true- she is in fact Dutch. Read below to learn all about this wonderful little bunny...

Miffy was born in 1955, drawn by Dick Bruna. He is sometimes referred to as "the father of Miffy", but after turning 80 in 2007 he began referring to himself as "the grandfather of Miffy". 

Miffy and her Father Dick Bruna at the Dick Bruna Huis in Utrecht, Netherlands on March 31, 2011.

While on holiday, Bruna would tell his son Sierk bedtime stories about a little white bunny, who scampered around the garden of their holiday home. This bunny became the inspiration for Miffy. 

In an interview with the Guardian, Bruna said he only decided she was a girl in the sixth Miffy book - "Miffy's Birthday" (1970), as drawing dresses was more fun than trousers.

In the Netherlands, Miffy is known as "nijntje", which derives from the Dutch word "konijntje", meaning "little bunny". Because "nijntje" is difficult to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers and because there are so many different words for "bunny" in other languages, Dick Bruna’s little bunny is simply known as Miffy. The name doesn’t have any special meaning, but it is easy to pronounce in all languages. In past years she was known by different names in different countries, however since 1996 she is known only as Miffy everywhere outside the Netherlands. 

Miffy is Bruna's best known and most popular character, featuring in more than 30 books, far more than any other character he created. Miffy appeals to children all over the world, instilling a sense of safety. Many children are able to identify with Miffy and her adventures. She is uncomplicated and innocent, has a positive attitude and is always open to new experiences. 

Sadly, Dick Bruna passed away in 2017, but his legacy will live on with Miffy, who is sure to enchant children for years to come.

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