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Felt Miffy Christmas Tree £22 Five Little Diamonds


Felt Miffy Christmas Tree


Does your child want a real Miffy Christmas tree in their own room? Well, they can, because this felt Christmas tree is only for children! They can decorate the tree however they want and change it every day if they feel like it. The figures (Miffy, angel, stars, candles and baubles) are fitted with Velcro so that they hang well on the tree and are also easy to move. After use, the Miffy tree can be easily stored in the handy take-away packaging. As well as being fun and looking adorable, it also helps with hand-eye coordination, counting, recognition and fine motor skills.

-110 x 80cm
- If the tree is slightly wrinkled after use, it can be smoothed out again on the lowest setting of the iron and only at the back. If necessary, you can first moisten the felt with a steam iron or plant sprayer. The folds will then come out easily. 
- Felt, Velcro

Miffy was born in 1955, drawn by the Dutch artist Dick Bruna. While on holiday, Bruna would tell his son Sierk bedtime stories about a little white bunny, who scampered around the garden of their holiday home. This bunny became the inspiration for Miffy. 


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