Care Bears 40th Anniversary Care-A-Lot Bear Plush

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The Iconic Care Bears are celebrating their 40th Anniversary with the new special edition Care-a-Lot Bear 💖 She is pink and purple ombre with unique silver sparkles in her fur, a stunning belly badge different from any other Care Bear and 40th embroidery on her foot. Each Care-a-Lot Bear comes with a certificate of authenticity to mark this special occasion and her uniqueness. 

Care-a-Lot Bear is the very FIRST Bear to hail from the magical kingdom of Care-a-Lot, and is excited to share her message of kindness and love with you! Her mission is to spread love and kindness to everyone she meets, and she can’t wait to meet you! Care-a-Lot is never afraid to show how much she cares. Her passion to care for her neighbours and her community, bringing kindness and love to everyone she meets is what she cares most about!

She is made from soft, huggable material that is perfect for big bear hugs!

- Suitable from 4 years+

- Approximately 35cm

- Officially Licensed Product