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Go Fund Us!

Brexit has scared us, as it has a lot of small businesses, so we've decided to set up a Gofundme page. We have been doing very well for the last two years, and here's a secret... We started our shop with one income and a £3000 overdraft. All our money goes to finding quality stock, we spend very little on advertising as we prefer to gain customers through word of mouth, as this is more trustworthy to buyers. It also helps to build a good relationship with customers, and it's the reason we  have such a fantastic group of followers on Instagram! However it can be hard trying to juggle one steady income, a growing business and a three year old.

This is why I've decided to start up this little campaign, to raise funds for our winter stock. To all the lovely people who donate, we will offer an eternal discount... If you donate £18, you get an eternal 18% off discount, £25 a 25% off voucher, £40 gets you an eternal 40% off discount... You get the idea! Donations will be capped at £40 as this is the highest eternal discount we can offer, but any donations over that will receive a one time 50% off discount code, and an eternal 40% off one too! Once we receive your donation we will create a unique code with your discount and email it to you. This is the perfect opportunity to become involved in our business, and receive a lifetime discount with us. Plus you'll be helping a small business to grow, and as we get bigger we will have more stock for you to use your yummy discount on!

To find our campaign, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/fldnewseason
Thank you for taking the time to consider funding Five Little Diamonds.... We love you all!


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