All about Five Little Diamonds... by Cathy Locke

All about Five Little Diamonds...

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All about Five Little Diamonds...

Five Little Diamonds has been in the making since 2012. We will now be blogging on our site once a week, and I will start by telling you about our history!

I am the owner Cathy- HELLO!- and I'd like to share our story with you now. 

Five Little Diamonds hasn't always been my dream. Since I read an article in 'Girl Talk' Magazine about turning your room into a haven for slumber parties by rolling your duvet, slinging pillows on it and turning your bed into a sofa (I know, right?!) at seven years old, I wanted to be an Interior Designer. This, coupled with my mad organisation skills (some would say OCD), meant every week I would draw up a room plan, and shift my bedroom furniture around, whilst throwing our all my 'clutter'. It may or may not have driven my Mum mad. Once I'd hit my teens, I realised this was only so much fun if I could play with accessories, redo my shelves and rotate my pictures. So, the easiest way to do this was....BOOT SALES!

My love of thrifting was born.  Every Sunday (weather permitting... this is England!) me and my Father would trawl all the Booties in the local area looking for goodies. This is a tradition we still keep, and winter months make me slightly sad when bootsales disappear! Through Booties I learnt what I like, what looks good with what, and also something that may look like junk can be reborn with a little TLC.  

Once I hit my twenties I did two things-

  1. I got nostalgic.
  2. I completed an Interior Design Diploma.

Number 2 is, sadly, not important.

For some reason, I started to recollect all the toys I'd 'decluttered' from my childhood. Bitsy Bears, Keypers, Care Bears, Teeny Weeny Families, Fairy Winkles, Littlest Petshop and - of course - My Little Pony. Most of which had been second hand when I'd had them the first time around! This provided me with a new challenge- fitting toys into my GROWN UP apartment.

vintage toys

Not too easy, and let me tell you, obnoxious colourful 1980's and 1990's toys do not mix with shabby chic! They do mix quite well with Mid Century decor though, which is fun and colourful, and doesn't take itself too seriously. So my style evolved naturally, and by the time we moved from our Victorian apartment to our 1950's house I was done with distressed painted furniture! I've always believed you should stay true to your properties integrity when decorating, and suddenly our Juke Box didn't look out of place any more! 


But I never knew how happy colour and mid century style could make my soul. I did know though that not as many people enjoy MCM as Shabby Ick, and that's when I decided being an Interior Designer wasn't for me.

Five Little Diamonds is Born

In 2012 I decided to open an Etsy shop. Five Little Diamonds Vintage sells all things kitsch and retro from the 1960's- early 1990's. Mainly homewares, plus my! After a year though I realised I had to try and expand, so started stocking branded items in our own store, such as the Miniroom Bunny Dolls and Monchichis. I also added Atomic Soda to my list of brands, their kitchenware is DIVINE! However, I grew increasingly worried about post breakages, so decided to move completely into children's toys, gifts and decor.

Now Five Little Diamonds is picking up speed. I would truly have loved to stay selling vintage only, but it's not as reliable as branded stock, you can't guarantee what you will find! My heart has been with vintage toys for many years now, and trying to find retro influenced toys and decorations makes me feel very fulfilled! 

The aim for us is to open a physical store in the next few years, and with that I hope to add an Interior Design service for people should they ask! 

Most of our advertising is done through Instagram, which I love! It means I can create friendships with my customers, and can go above and beyond to help then. It also means I can help other Small Businesses by promoting them, which is another passion of mine. We live in such an impersonal time, and shopping through small businesses helps us gain some individuality. It is why I am so proud to do what I do.

Thank you for reading, Peace Out! 

Cathy xx


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